How To Sync The Fifa World Cup 2014 Schedule With Your Personal Calendar

The Fifa World Cup 2014 has arrived! Here’s how to track the tournament and how to sync the latest and updated World Cup schedule on your device – Phone, Tablet or PC.

Sky Sports have offered the facility to add all the World Cup schedules to your calendar and keep track of it. Most of the steps are mentioned clearly there, however if you feel lost, here’s a bit more detailed process for the same.

Head over to the below Sky Sports link.

Copy the below webcal link.


1. Google Calendar

Open Google Calendar. Click on the arrow button next to the section ‘Other Calendar’. Select the option ‘Add by URL’ and enter the webcal address given above.

World Cup Calendar1


World Cup Calendar2

The new World Cup Fixtures calendar will now be added under Other calendars section.

To sync the same in the Google Calendar app in your Android phone, open up the app, press the Menu button, go to Settings, select your gmail address, and tick the World Cup Fixtures in the list. Now go back to the calendar view, and all the fixtures should now be appearing in the calendar.

2. iOS Devices

For iOS devices, go to SettingsMail, Contacts, CalendarsAdd AccountOther. Select ‘Add Subscribed Calendar‘. Copy and paste the webcal address in the Server field.

World Cup iOS1

World Cup iOS2

World Cup iOS3

Click Next and in the next page, keep the option ‘Use SSL‘ turned OFF, and go ahead to save the settings. The new calendar should now be synced.

3. MS Outlook

To add the new calendar in MS Outlook, go to the Calendar section, find the Manage Calendars group, then click on Open Calendar and select From Internet. Enter the webcal address in the box and click OK.

World Cup Outlook1

World Cup Outlook2

Now the new calendar will be visible under the Other Calendar section.


For full schedule of the Fifa World Cup 2014, head over to the below official Fifa website link


Root for your favorite team, and may the best team win!


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