How to recreate user profiles and copy/move files from one profile to another?

We are all aware of user profiles and we use it to access many applications and tools. As long as your account is not locked out or your password hasn’t expired, everything will look and work fine. But for some reasons, one fine morning, you try to access an intranet site or application and its not loading! Your account is fine and internet settings are also good. So what could be the issue? Try opening the same application in another user profile from your machine or open in your profile from another machine. I have explained how we can do that, from here. See whether the application is opening. If it does in either way, then your profile is having an issue with your current machine. And we will have to recreate the profile to fix this. How to do that and how to bring all your data to the new profile? Let’s see how it’s done…

Profile Recreation

1. First of all, have a local admin profile ready.

2. Log off from the user profile to be recreated and log in back with the local admin account. Lets say, the account to be recreated is target.user.

3. Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\ and rename the user profile (target.user)to be recreated to any name.(eg: target.user1)

4. Once done, log off from local admin profile and log in with the domain profile again. i.e. target.user, here.

5. The user profile will get created again as a new one. Check the Documents and Settings folder. A profile for target.user will be created alongside the old one. The profile is thus recreated.

Next step is to move all your data from old profile to the new one.

1. Browse to Documents and Settings and open old profile folder. Open the folders Desktop and My Documents folder. Select whichever data you want to move and copy them to the new profile.

2. Once all the data is copied, check your current desktop and My Documents folder.

3. Also, check the application which was creating the issue and see whether its opening now. If yes, thats it!

You have a better idea? Share it with us…



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