Type special characters which are missing from Keyboard

This is a tip which will surely be helpful to a lot of users. We all use keyboard. But if you see, there are many special characters which we need usually, but are missing in the keyboard. Prime examples are currency symbols and arithmetic characters like ±, ÷ etc.. And we will have to search for these, find it somewhere in the web and probably copy/paste it to our document. Or, we would use the insert special characters option in MS Word to choose the characters we need. But, what if we want to type these somewhere else, say a chat window or a message/comment box. So, next time before you go for such things, try these cool keyboard shortcuts. Yes, these so called ‘missing’ characters are indeed there and can be typed in to any type-window directly from the keyboard. So, lets see how it works.

First and foremost, enable the numpad of the keyboard. So you should be able to type in the numbers from it. Also, press and hold the Alt key while typing the below numpad combinations.

I am giving only a few examples. There are plenty of other characters that can be typed with different combinations. I am leaving it to you to explore those hidden ones.

Alt + 0189 – ½
0190 – ¾
0188 – ¼

0153 – ™
0169 – ©
0174 – ®

0162 – ¢
0131 – ƒ
0128 – €
0165 – ¥

0177 – ±
0247 – ÷
062   – >
060  – <
061   – =
0149 – •

1 – ☺
2 – ☻
3 – ♥
4 – ♦
5 – ♣
6 – ♠

As I said, its just a few… Try different combinations and find out the rest !!!

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