How to disable Birthday Calendar notification mails in Outlook

Ever got annoyed with the continuous supply of birthday notification emails from your Outlook Calendar spamming your inbox everyday ? Then this post is for you. I recently switched Windows 8 Pro and had synced my Outlook Calendar with my Facebook account. The good thing about this is that you can always find out who’s celebrating their birthday, and when, without having to login to Facebook every time. It used to be really convenient in that sense, until I started to have my Hotmail inbox flooded by the daily doze of birthday reminders. I didn’t want to remove the Facebook sync service in Calendar because I liked it, but at the same time I wanted to keep my inbox free from all the notifications from it. So I went in search and here’s the fix.

1. Open your MS Outlook or Hotmail inbox where you are receiving the birthday notifications and open one such notification mail.

2. Click on the link ‘Stop getting notifcations’. This will take you to the browser and it loads up the online settings page for your calendar.


3. Scroll down and get to the section ‘Edit your reminders and calendar settings’. Click on ‘Birthday calendar’.


4. Another page will open up briefly with your calendar which then redirects to a settings page for the birthday calendar.

5a. Go to the section ‘Notifications’ and here you can see the settings for auto-notification from calendar. Delete the reminder ‘Email’ and it will disappear from that list. Keep the reminder to display on your calendar app on phone and PC so that you can still see them in the calendar.



5b. EDIT : Since the layout of has changed to the new Metro/Windows 8-inspired style , the options are now rearranged. So once you reach the Birthday Calendar settings page, you will see something like this :

Outlook Bday Reminder Main

6. Scroll down, and you will see the Notifications section. Here, untick the option Get reminders for events and tasks and also delete the reminders Email(your email address) and Notifications on your devices under the Default reminders for newly created events option. (See screenshot below)

Outlook Bday Reminder


Save the settings and that’s it. You shouldn’t be receiving the birthday mails anymore.

Still finding it difficult or you have an alternate solution ? Let me know in the comments section.

12 thoughts on “How to disable Birthday Calendar notification mails in Outlook

  1. Follow the steps and when you get two the last 2 screen in the tutorial,
    there is a delete button at the top left, to the right of the word calender.
    Delete the birthday calender.


  2. this doesnt work for me. outlook calender reminders in my hotmail are all flagged as suspicious i duno why. but when i click the same thing that you show to click, it times out. it goes nowhere. then says webpage not available


  3. I don’t get notifications, but I have a recurring event that keeps having the Birthday category applied to it at seemingly random times. I go into the event series and remove the category and eventually it still comes back. I’ve even deleted the Birthday category from the categories list, but somehow it returns.


  4. Hi, may I know does this works for Window 7? or is there another way for stop the birthday reminder from facebook in my outlook? I use Google Chrome as my browser. I am so annoying on this notification keep popping up on my mobile phone due to I had login my outlook account on my phone. Please let me know how to switch off the notification. Thank you.


  5. 23-03-2018
    You need to disable the beta view
    Then in calendars right click on the birthday calendar and uncheck “include in agenda email”


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