MS Excel tip: Quickly enter data in the cell fields

Well, this is one keyboard shortcut which I thought never existed until I found it by mistake recently. So, I thought of sharing it with you as the first of the many tips I hope to share in the coming posts…

This is not a big one, but it will help you a lot when you are working on reports with lot of data and all. So, to try this also, open a sheet with a lot of data. Choose a cell from a column which has multiple entries. Now, press Alt+down arrow key once from that cell. You will now be presented with a drop-down menu of all the different entries in that column. Now release the Alt key and just use the arrow keys and select the entry which you want to replace the current entry with.

So, there is no more copy-paste or retyping it.

There is another method, which you should be knowing in the same scenario. Just start typing in the cell and the excel will offer you suggestions of entries with the different entries in the same column, so you can just press right-arrow and fill the remaining automatically, just like we see in Google search.

Hope you got the trick! See you soon!! 🙂

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