Ghum Railway Station, Darjeeling

This image is by far, my favorite shot, simply because of the way I took it. I was travelling through the chilly and misty city roads of Darjeeling, in 2010. Just then, we passed this railway station(the highest in India at an altitude of 2257m) right in the center of the road(there is no usual train service these days from here, mostly we get to see a town-to-town slow ride cutting right through the city roads). The driver didn’t stop the car but I just wanted to snap this one. So I took out my small digicam, turned back and stretched my arms out. I didnt have the time to take a look at the LCD screen to check if its okay before taking the picture. So I just went ahead and took the picture. The only thing I wanted was to make sure that the rear part of the car don’t get into the picture. Luckily, the car stayed out of the equation and I got this nice picture. The mist and color pattern in this pic is the same as it was at that time. One more thing which adds color to it is that this picture made its way into the selected Daily Dozen photos for the first week of August, 2011 in the official National Geographic website, which was quite a surprise for me. So in any case, this lucky snap remains my fav. 🙂

Ghum Railway Station, Darjeeling

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