(Contd from previous post..) Welcome Nikon D3100

Angane, I confirmed that my sony cam is not repairable.. I got out of the service center and headed straight to QRS which was nearby to see if they got anything. Just in time, my dad also joined me there. So we went in and asked for a ‘reasonably priced’ ‘good camera’. They readily brought out the monstrous 36x super-zoom Nikon p500. Well, I had heard about this before, but frankly, expected it to be a lot bigger. It was too small for my calculations. Also what disappointed me with it was its heavy shake at high zoom. I mean, whats point in having a super-zoom if we can’t use it without a tripod?? There is no question about its specs and quality, but I was very much disappointed with it. So, I said my dad that I’m undecided and we will come later with a better decision.

So I got back home and started my research. Just a month back, my colleagues had bought the Canon 550D, which I was very impressed with, except for its price. I was in fact, doing more reading on Nikon p500 itself which, obviously is a stunning one on paper. But again, something was pulling me back. Research went on, discussions began and comparisons galore. Finally, some way or the other, I fell into the DSLR track. I always felt that I don’t a DSLR at this stage. But price came in as a factor as there is not much difference b/w the nigher-end superzoom p500 and entry level SLRs. So with little more thought, and I went in for SLRs.

Now, the competitors reduced to just two-Canon 1100D and Nikon D3100-and Canon 550D with an outside chance. Went through reviews and comparisons and the tech world was recommending me the Nikon guy in most departments. Yet, I was not so sure. I was also confused on from where I should buy it, because I stood a chance to visit Middle East(cheaper market??) soon from my company. So I decided to wait for it, but that didn’t help as my trip got postponed. That confirmed that I will have to buy the camera from Trivandrum itself. Also, my cousin’s engagement which I thought I will miss was now one week away. This was the time and I collected the number of Babas from where my colleagues got 550D. With that call, actually, the doubt over the camera was also over. They said both 1100D and D3100 are of same price. That clearly tilted the balance in Nikon’s favor. Yes, its D3100. Next day, I went there with my dad and had a in-person check of the Nikon-walla and confirmed my decision. Completing the other formalities, I got the cam packed. And thus brought it home. Unsurprisingly, my mom was surprised to see a huge box getting carried into the home. I displayed the cam to her and she left a gasp. Oh god! this one is huge. Anyway, it was time for me to start the self-study on my new buddy. I’m expecting a good stint with it, hope it will be delivered… 🙂

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